By Alexander Rolek

Parcel Scouting

Millions of parcels and no way to save them, until now. Today we’re excited to release a way to collect parcels for easy future lookup. We call it “Scouting” and it all starts with the new Scout button on every parcel page: scout button

To Scout a parcel, simply click the Scout button on any parcel page. The button text will change from “Scout” to “Scouted” and the parcel will be saved to your default “Scouted Parcels” collection. To remove the parcel, simply click the button again.

You can view your default collection by clicking on “Scouted Parcels” below the Scout button. The collection view will show you the addresses and APNs of all the parcels you have Scouted. Additionally there is a map view at the top of the page with all your Scouted parcels highlighted.

For now all registered ScoutRED users have a single collection, Scouted Parcels. If this feature is well received it can be expanded to allow for custom collection naming, improved parcel organization and more.

Happy Scouting!

Written by Alexander Rolek