By Alexander Rolek

Professional Plans

Since the beginning, ScoutRED has been a side project for me. In the software world side projects are a way to explore an interest and identify if there is a need. In this case my interest stemmed from combining my backgrounds in real estate development and software development. I recalled the issues I had around data research while doing land development in Colorado, Nevada and Arizona and I knew something like ScoutRED would have been an immense time saver.

The goal of ScoutRED has always been to quickly generate parcel data profiles for high level analysis. There are lots of real estate portals, but few make it simple to lookup accurate land use data. After I released the first version of ScoutRED I was unsure what the response would be or who would use the service. Over the last year 10s of thousands of people have used ScoutRED from all walks of life. Originally I thought the service would only be useful for Architects, Planners and Real Estate Developers but now I frequently exchange emails with government employees, solar companies and avocado farmers.

It’s now apparent that there’s demand for an easy way to wade through the ever evolving and vast parcel datasets. ScoutRED wants to continue taking this challenge in San Diego and eventually the other 3,144 counties and that make up the United States. In order to work towards this goal we need to evolve from side project status to a business that can support itself.

Today we’re releasing professional plans on ScoutRED. Professional plans will provide parcel details that many of you have accessed for free over the last year. Information such as zoning, overlays and community plans will remain freely available. Owner’s details and parcel lot line downloads are now going to require either unlocking the parcel or a monthly subscription.

We have priced our subscription at $99 per month, which we belive should be easy to justify considering the amount of time ScoutRED will save you. With the support of our users we will be able to focus more time on improving ScoutRED in San Diego and expanding across the rest of the country.

As always, we appreciate your feedback. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly,

Written by Alexander Rolek